Plugin FeaturesEdit

  • Classes
    • Permission nodes to set what classes are obtainable for the default user
    • Custom class names
    • 'Parent | Child' optional relationship, (example HEALER -> CLERIC)
    • Configurable inventory restrictions
    • Dual-Classing
      • Classes can either be primary, secondary, or both, allowing players to gain more than 1 class at a time
  • Permitted Skills
    • Skills in the base platform of Heroes
    • All permitted skills start with /skill <skillname>
    • Allows for developers to add in their own code for new skills
    • Adjustable through skills.yml or overwritten in the class setup
  • Permission Skills
    • Based on the permission-node system, ability to set the level required to learn certain permission-nodes to have a highly configurable system.
    • Does not use the /skill prefix - Permission skills are not linked to any commands they simply give players permissions
  • Binding Skills
    • Ability to bind skills to an item to right click and use that skill
  • Inventory Restrictions
    • Armor & Weapon restrictions based on class
    • Configurable in classes.yml
  • Levels
    • /level - to show information about the level - comes with a nice interface to show you how much left to obtain the next level.
    • Set a mastery level - once achieved the user may switch to different classes and have their level/skills saved on the mastered class.
    • Configurable curves of exp to make lower levels easier and higher levels harder to get through
    • Optional Health gain per level
    • Configurable loss of exp (0.10 = 10% per death) by current level
How to install Heroes 1.2

How to install Heroes 1.2.5 for Bukkit 1060-1337

  • Experience Sources
    • SKILL - exp for using a skill
    • CRAFTING - exp for crafting an item
    • MINING - exp for mining blocks
    • KILLING - exp for slaying mobs
    • LOGGING - exp for jacking lumber
    • PVP - exp for PVP
    • QUESTING - used in API's for quest plugins
    • EXTERNAL - used in normal API's
  • Health/Damage
    • Set environmental damage
    • Set monster health/damage
    • Allow bed healing for players to regenerate health in bed
    • Set player health (works with heart ratios)
    • Set across the broad item damage or override in individual class files
  • Mana
    • /mana - shows the current amount of mana - caps at 100%.
    • Server wide regen of mana - default is 5% mana regen every 5-6 seconds
    • Configurable mana regen rate
  • Parties
    • Experience Sharing
    • PVP toggling
    • Bonus xp per extra party member
    • Group-effective skills
  • Supported Plugins
    • MobArena
    • HealthBar
    • "Magic" plugin
    • Most permission plugins
    • MythicMobs
    • Campaign
    • MobHealth

Permission NodesEdit

  • heroes.classes.*
    • Choose all classes
  • heroes.classes.class-name
    • Choose the specified class
  • heroes.reset
    • Allows the user to RESET and go back to default class
  • heroes.admin.exp
    • Set a player's experience
  • heroes.admin.class
    • change Set a player's class
  • heroes.admin.level
    • Set player's level
    • Set a player's health
  • heroes.admin.reload
    • Reload configuration files
  • heroes.admin.saveall
    • saves all online heroes
  • heroes.scroll
    • allows players to use Heroes SMS Scrolls
  • heroes.bind
    • allows players to bind skills to items



  • power -set this to adjust the EXP curve (higher numbers equal longer ending levels)
  • maxExperience - adjusts the maximum xp a player can have
  • maxLevel - the maximum level a player can attain - this also is the standard mastery level
  • expLoss - xp multiplier that a player loses when dying
  • max-tracked-blocks - number of blocks to track to prevent players from repeatedly mining/placing the same block for xp farming
  • block-tracking-duration - how long a block is tracked for.
  • resetExpOnClassChange - if true, a players XP will reset when changing classes if they have not mastered that class
  • swapMasteryCost - if false players will not be charged when swapping back to a mastered class
  • partyBonus - xp multiplier bonus while in a party
  • levelsViaExpLoss - allows a player to lose levels when losing XP
  • masteryLoss - allows a player to lose mastery levels when losing XP


  • iConomy - whether to use economy for class choosing
  • swapcost - how much to charge players for choosing a class
  • debug - turns debug mode on/off -
  • useDamageSystem - turns the heroes damage system on/off - Some skills/Effects rely completely on the damage system!


These settings affect how much hp a player regains while resting, how many seconds they must wait to regain health, and the percent of health regained each interval. useDamageSystem must be true for this to work.


regenInterval adjusts the number of seconds between mana regeneration. Players will regain the amount specified for regenPercent


Most of these settings are currently unused, see below for ones that are.


This is 'hardcore' mode. If set to true, a player will lose all XP when they die, resetting them back to level 0.


These settings control if the map party UI is enabled, and how often to update it. The id is the map ID to use for sending the partyUI.


This disables Heroes on the specified worlds. If your worlds are in a seperate folder, include the path. E.g. 'worlds/world1'

Command ListEdit

General CommandsEdit

/hero - /heroes
/hero help
/hero armor
/hero choose <path>
/hero paths
/hero reset
/hero armor
/hero tools
/hero save
/hero skills - /skills
/hero specs
/hero leaderboard
/hero who <player>
/hero verbose
/level - /hlevel - /lvl
/health - /hp
/cooldowns - /cd
/bind <skill>

Admin CommandsEdit

/hero admin class <player> <class>
/hero admin exp <player> <amount>
/hero admin hp <player> <amount>
/hero admin reload
/hero admin saveall

Skill CommandsEdit

/skills - /skilllist
/skill <skill> <args>

Party CommandsEdit

/party invite <player>
/party accept <player>
/party leave
/p <message>
/mode +[option]
/mode -[option]
/party ui
/party who



Experience is how Heroes gain levels. Currently there are six different sources of gaining experience: Skills, Crafting, Mining, Killing, Logging, and PvP. Skill experience is set per-skill in the skills configurations, and is usually not enabled, but can be enabled if you want specific skills to award or cost the player experience. PvP rewards are set under Killing as shown in the default configuration below.

The experiences.yml file controls which experience types award experience and how much they award. Killing goes by entity names, while the other options go by block and item names

Default ConfigurationEdit

    chicken: 1
    cow: 1
    creeper: 23
    ghast: 50
    pig: 1
    pig_zombie: 40
    sheep: 1
    wolf: 6
    skeleton: 22
    spider: 18
    zombie: 15
    squid: 1
    slime: 15
    giant: 300
    player: 31
    coal: 5
    cobblestone: 1
    clay: 15
    diamond_ore: 15
    dirt: 1
    glowstone: 5
    gold_ore: 3
    coal_ore: 6
    grass: 1
    gravel: 1
    iron_ore: 3
    lapis_ore: 7
    mossy_cobblestone: 2
    netherrack: 1
    obsidian: 20
    redstone_ore: 8
    glowing_redstone_ore: 8
    sand: 1
    sandstone: 1
    snow_block: 1
    soul_sand: 8
    stone: 1
    log: 3
    Arrow: 1
    Bed: 1
    Boat: 1
    Book: 0
    Bookshelf: 5
    Bow: 3
    Bread: 0
    Brick: 10
    Bucket: 2
    Cake: 15
    Chest: 1
    Cobblestone_Stairs: 0
    Compass: 4
    Cookie: 2
    Detector_Rail: 5
    Diamond_Axe: 17
    Diamond_Boots: 15
    Diamond_Chestplate: 20
    Diamond_helmet: 15
    Diamond_Hoe: 8
    Diamond_Leggings: 18
    Diamond_Pickaxe: 12
    Diamond_Spade: 8
    Diamond_Sword: 10
    Dispenser: 3
    Fence: 0
    Fishing_Rod: 6
    Flint_and_steel: 1
    Furnace: 1
    Golden_Apple: 100
    Gold_Axe: 25
    Gold_Boots: 20
    Gold_Helmet: 20
    Gold_Hoe: 20
    Gold_Leggings: 30
    Gold_Pickaxe: 30
    Gold_Chestplate: 40
    Gold_Spade: 10
    Gold_Sword: 20
    Iron_Axe: 6
    Iron_Boots: 8
    Iron_Chestplate: 12
    Iron_Door: 3
    Iron_Helmet: 6
    Iron_Hoe: 4
    Iron_Leggings: 10
    Iron_Pickaxe: 6
    Iron_Spade: 4
    Iron_sword: 5
    Jukebox: 1
    Ladder: 0
    Leather_leggings: 6
    Leather_Boots: 4
    Lever: 0
    Minecart: 2
    Map: 10
    Note_Block: 1
    Painting: 1
    Paper: 0
    Powered_Rail: 10
    Rails: 1
    DIODE: 3
    Sandstone: 0
    Sign: 2
    Stick: 0
    Stone_Button: 0
    Stone_Axe: 2
    Stone_Hoe: 1
    Stone_Pickaxe: 2
    Stone_Plate: 0
    Stone_Spade: 1
    Stone_sword: 2
    Storage_Minecart: 3
    Sugar: 0
    TNT: 5
    Torch: 0
    Trap_door: 1
    Wood_Axe: 1
    Wood_Door: 2
    Wood_Hoe: 1
    Wood_Pickaxe: 1
    Wood: 0
    Wood_Plate: 0
    Wood_Spade: 1
    Wood_Stairs: 0
    Wood_sword: 1



Classes (also known as HeroClasses) are the foundation which Heroes is built upon. We decided not to hard-code classes and instead, let the admin create their own. Classes allow admins to choose what weapons, armor and skills a person can use! You can have leather wearing rogues, a fireball throwing iron wearer or even a vagrant who can only afford wooden weaponry!

Our class system allows for a "2-tier" hierarchy. This means, you can have a profession and once you reach a certain level and want to, you can advance to your next profession! This could get tricky though, remember. Professions = 1st class | Specialties = 2nd class.


To configure your class file, open it up with an editor like Notepad++ and you should see the following:

        default: true
        permitted-armor: [IRON, DIAMOND_BOOTS, DIAMOND_HELMET]
        permitted-weapon: [WOOD, IRON_SWORD, IRON_SPADE, IRON_PICKAXE]
                skill options: data
        experience-sources: [KILLING]
        base-max-health: 20
        max-health-per-level: 0.1
        expmodifier: 1.0
        expLoss: .05
            strong: [ OtherClass ]
            weak: [ someotherclass ]
            AIR: 1
            ARROW: 5

Please, remember. Much like any other YML document, this requires four spaces, like so " " not a tab.

Firstly, ignore the "classes:", you don't need to know what that is. Now, to create a new class you'll need to know what each element means and does.


The above is the class name. This identifies the class to the player when they're trying to select the class. Meaning, this needs to be something readable and typable in minecraft. So please avoid long names such as "warriormagesoawesomelolololo" as this won't be typable with the rest of the commands. This is needs to be unique, so no duplicate warrior classes.


This denotes the default class, meaning that when the player first logs in, this will be their class. This is a true or false value. False if this is a non-default class and true if it is.


This is the types of armor that are allowed. It only does material types at the moment, meaning that it can't stop people from using helmets or boots, but will stop those pesky rogues being over powered by wearing diamond armor. It accepts these values:


Optionally paired with these Descriptors:



Much like "permitted-armor", this is the types of weapons users in the class can use. Anything not on the list, the person cannot use. It only accepts these values


optionally paired with these types:



This is the skills the person is allowed to use. Only skills put inside this will be available to the player. There will be a list of Skills after running the plugin for the first time. Generated in the file itself.


Experience sources is where the player gets their experience from. There are three types of experience sources, KILLING, MINING and LOGGING. Killing is for PVP/PVE, Mining is for all rock related breaks and LOGGING is for tree cutting.


This is the list of damage values for the items that can be used as weapons by this class. Any material you define here will use the value sepcified for that item, rather than the default damage value.


This sets the damage this class does with certain projectiles. Currently only SNOWBALL, ARROW, and EGG are supported. Itworks just like item-damages but adjusts projectile damage instead.


The amount of maximum HP the class has at level 1.


The amount of maximum health added to the class per level beyond the first.


All xp a hero gains are multiplied by this amount. That means that a value of 1.0 will result in no xp alterations, a modifier of .5 will halve all exp, and a value of 2.0 will double all exp. This is generally for making it require less, or more, experience to get through different classes.


This tag isn't needed, but it can be added. Parent puts the class as a specialty and links it to its parent. It's recommended you put these at the bottom of your YML document, so they will be loaded last. The value needs to be a different class name. E.g. parent:Warrior


There are 2 sub-settings for parents. Weak and Strong. These options are intended to allow more flexibility in what classes are required before a player can go into another class. A player must have mastered ALL classes in the strong parent list before being able to join the class. Weak parents only require the player to master one of the classes listed to meet the requirements. A class can have both Strong and Weak parents. It will require all of the strong parents to be mastered and only one of the weak parents. This only works in 1.3.0+


This settings enables the alternative experience loss multiplier. A player will lose experience equal to the current level's required experience * expLoss.

Default DocumentEdit

        default: true
        description: The vagrant, starter PATH
        - '*'
        - '*'
        - KILLING
                level: 1
                usage: This is an EXAMPLE!
        base-max-health: 20
        max-health-per-level: 0.1
        expmodifier: 1.0
            air: 1
        expLoss: 0
        default: false
        description: Skilled in Defense Combat and Heavy Armor
        - LEATHER
        - CHAINMAIL
        - WOOD
        - STONE
        - IRON_PICKAXE
                level: 5
                mana: 75
                cooldown: 30000
                level: 10
                mana: 20
                cooldown: 3000
                level: 20
                mana: 30
                cooldown: 40000
        - KILLING
        - MINING
        - PVP
        - CRAFTING
        - LOGGING
        - SKILL
        expmodifier: 1.5
        expLoss: 0.05
        default: false
        parent: Warrior
        description: Divine Knight
        - IRON
        - CHAINMAIL
        - GOLD
        - WOOD
        - GOLD
        - STONE
        - IRON_PICKAXE
                level: 10
                mana: 100
                cooldown: 30000
                exp: 5
                level: 40
                mana: 100
                cooldown: 500000
                level: 50
                mana: 100
                cooldown: 60000
                level: 1
                mana: 20
                cooldown: 3000
                level: 1
                mana: 5
                cooldown: 2000
        - KILLING
        - PVP
        - SKILL
        expmodifier: 1.0
        expLoss: 0.1
        default: false
        parent: Warrior
        description: Dark Knight
        - LEATHER
        - IRON
        - CHAINMAIL
        - GOLD
        - WOOD
        - GOLD
        - STONE
        - IRON_PICKAXE
                level: 10
                mana: 100
                cooldown: 30000
                level: 40
                mana: 100
                cooldown: 500000
                level: 50
                mana: 100
                cooldown: 60000
                level: 1
                mana: 20
                cooldown: 3000
                level: 1
                mana: 5
                cooldown: 2000
                exp: 1
                level: 1
                mana: 50
                cooldown: 3000
        - KILLING
        - PVP
        - SKILL
        expmodifier: 1.0
        expLoss: 0.05



Parties is one of the best parts of Heroes. Parties allows a group of players to join together and fight with or against each other. Parties can be setup to share experience, and can protect those in your party from your damaging attacks and spells.

Parties are entirely made in game, and once the leader leaves, the party is disbanded. Below is each feature for parties:

Command ListEdit

/party invite <player>
/party accept <player>
/party leave
/p <message>
/mode +[option]
/mode -[option]
/party ui
/party who


This means that PvP between the players in the party is toggled. If PVP is on, players can attack each other that are in the party and if PvP is off then they can't. This is useful for group projects, so you don't accidentally mine the head off of your friends. It's used like this:

  • /mode +pvp

and to remove it

  • /mode -pvp


We've implemented a command which sends messages to those in your party only! With this, you can scheme and even plan to attack other parties. Secrets can be shared this way. The command is used like this:

  • /p Hello party, how are we doing today?

This will return:

  • [p]RightLegRed: Hello party, how are we doing today?

Experience ShareEdit

Along with the other two features, we've added experience sharing. This means that players get a share of all the experience you get. Don't fear, everyone shares! The command is used like this:

  • /mode +exp

and to remove it

  • /mode -exp

Latest activityEdit