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Skill Configuration Edit

In the skills.yml you'll have skill definitions like this. This is where you set server-wide default values for the skills.

    duration: 10000
    max-distance: 15
    apply-text: '%target% is confused!'
    use-text: '%hero% used %skill% on %target%!'
    period: 1000
    max-drift: 0.35
    reagent: BONE
    reagent-cost: 2
    health-cost: 1
    expire-text: '%target% has regained his wit!'

In the classes.yml you'll have a section in your class like this.

                level: 2
                mana: 10
                duration: 20000
                cooldown: 30000

These settings will override the default values found in the skills.yml and help customize different classes Skills. For example, changing the duration of a skill in the skills.yml to 2000 will obviously change the duration to 2000. However, if you would like one class in particular to have a longer duration when it uses that skill, you can add a duration line to the classes.yml to override it. Using "level:" will set the level the class has to be before it can use that skill.

Additionally, classes will ONLY be able to use the skills you add to the permitted-skills tab.

Default Skills Edit

These skills are what is currently (as of August 2018) included in the default (without any skill packs) files.

  • AimedShot - Hones in on target, and unleashes a guaranteed high-damage arrow strike
  • Alchemy - Passive skill that allows you to craft potions
  • Antidote - Cures target of poison effect
  • ArcaneStorm - Deals AoE knockback and damage
  • ArrowStorm - Unleashes a barrage of arrows
  • AssassinsBlade - Poisons your weapon, applying the poison on the next strike
  • AssemblePickaxe - Gather spare parts and assemble a pickaxe
  • Awaken - Sacrifice a portion of your health to revive target
  • Backstab - Extra damage when attacking from behind, and when sneaking
  • Bandage - Bandages the target
  • Bash - Deals physical damage and interrupts casting
  • Bleed - Causes your target to bleed
  • Blink - Teleports you a certain number of blocks away
  • Bolt - Calls a bolt of thunder down on the target
  • Charge - Charges towards your target
  • Cleave - Cleaves your target and nearby targets for a percentage of normal damage
  • Confuse - Confuses your target
  • Curse - Your target has a chance to miss their attacks
  • Decay - You disease your target
  • Despair - Blinds nearby targets and deals dark damage
  • Disarm - Disarms the target
  • Disenchant - Allows you to disenchant items, returning them to normal
  • Dispel - Removes effects from your target
  • Empathy - Deals damage equal to a percentage of your missing health, and slows the target
  • Enchant- Passive ability that enables you to enchant items
  • EnchantingBook - Use once to select an enchantment book, use again while holding an item to enchant it
  • Enderpearls- Passive ability that lets you throw enderpearls, time between is delayed while in combat
  • Entangle - Roots target for a certain amount of time, or until they take damage
  • EscapeArtist- Break free of any effects that impede movement
  • Excavate - Increased digging speed for a limited time
  • ExplosiveShot - Attach an explosive to your next arrow, dealing knockback and increased damage
  • Farsight - Creates a zoom effect, but slows you down
  • Firearrow - Shoots a burning arrow
  • Fireball - Shoots a dangerous ball of fire
  • Fishing- Passive ability that grants extra fish
  • Flameshield - Protects you from fire damage for a limited time
  • Forge(ChainBoots/ChainChest/ChainHelmet/ChainLeggings/Shield) - Forges an item
  • FullHeal - Heals target to full, heals you for a percentage of health
  • Gills - Negate drowning damage
  • GroupHeal - Heals all party members nearby
  • GuardianAngel - Grants temporary invulnerability to party members nearby
  • Harmtouch - Deals dark damge to target, and reduces healing
  • Herbalism - Passive ability that lets you harvest extra resources from plants
  • IceArrow- Arrows freeze target
  • IceVolley - Next shot is a volley of ice arrows
  • Icebolt- Launch a ball of ice that deals damage and slowness
  • Inversion - Deals magic damage equal to a percentage of the mana the target is mising
  • Invuln - Grants total damage immunity, but you cannot attack
  • Jump - Launches you into the air
  • Kick - Kick the target, dealing damage, interrupting casting, and silencing them
  • Layhands - Heals the target to full
  • Light- Places glowstone at your feet as you walk
  • ManaFreeze - Stops your target regening mana
  • Mark - Marks a location (for use with Recall)
  • Might - Increases party members damage
  • Mining - Passive ability that allows you to have a small chance to get extra ores
  • One - Temporary burst of speed
  • Overgrowth - turns a sapling into a tree
  • PickPocket - You attempt to steal an item from the target
  • Piggify- Forces target to ride a pig
  • PlaceTnt - Places TNT that may or may not hurt entities, but will destroy blocks
  • Poison - Poisons the target
  • PoisonArrow - Your arrows will poison your targets.
  • Port - Teleports you and your nearby party to the set location
  • Pray - Heals the target
  • Pulse - Damages everyone around you
  • Reborn - Passive ability that restores your health instead of dying
  • Recall - Teleports you to location saved by Mark (or, if you're holding a runestone, the location stored)
  • Regrowth - Heals the target, and heals them additionally over time
  • Repair - Allows you to repair items (with a chance of disenchantment)
  • Revive - Teleports the target to their place of death
  • Root - Roots your target in place
  • Safefall - Stops you from taking fall damage for a short amount of time
  • Scan - Shows the target's health
  • Shield - Passive ability that allows you to use doors as shields
  • Slow - Slows the target
  • Smite - Light damage on target, increased if undead
  • Smoke - You completely disappear from view
  • Sneak - Hides your nameplate and makes you sneak without holding shift
  • SonicBoom - Deals AoE magic damage and silences
  • SummonArrow - Summons a few arrows
  • Summon(Cow,Chicken,Pig,Sheep,MooshroomCow) - Summons the mob with a small chance to summon 2 or 3 of the mob
  • Summonfood - Summons food
  • Superheat - Your pickaxe smelts ores as you mine them for a limited time
  • SuperJump - Launches you high into the air without fall damage
  • Taunt - Taunts enemies around you
  • Telekinesis - Activates levers, buttons, and other interactable objects from afar
  • Web - Creates webs around the target
  • Wisdom - Temporary increased mana regen for party members
  • Wolf - Passive ability that allows you to tame wolves
  • Woodcutting - Passive ability that lets you gain increased drops from logs