Skill Configuration Edit

In the skills.yml you'll have skill definitions like this. This is where you set server-wide feault values for the skills.

    duration: 10000
    max-distance: 15
    apply-text: '%target% is confused!'
    use-text: '%hero% used %skill% on %target%!'
    period: 1000
    max-drift: 0.35
    reagent: BONE
    reagent-cost: 2
    health-cost: 1
    expire-text: '%target% has regained his wit!'

In the classes.yml you'll have a section in your class like this.

                level: 2
                mana: 10
                duration: 20000
                cooldown: 30000

These settings will override the default values found in the skills.yml and help customize different classes Skills.

Default Skills Edit

These skills are what is currently (as of January 2018) included in the default (without any skill packs) files.

  • AimedShot - Hones in on target, and unleashes a guaranteed high-damage arrow strike
  • Alchemy - Passive skill that allows you to craft potions
  • Antidote - Cures target of poison effect
  • ArcaneStorm - Deals AoE knockback and damage
  • ArrowStorm - Unleashes a barrage of arrows
  • AssassinsBlade - Poisons your weapon, applying the poison on the next strike
  • AssemblePickaxe - Gather spare parts and assemble a pickaxe
  • Awaken - Sacrifice a portion of your health to revive target
  • Backstab - Extra damage when attacking from behind, and when sneaking
  • Bandage - Bandages the target
  • Bash - Deals physical damage and interrupts casting
  • Bleed - Causes your target to bleed
  • Blink - Teleports you a certain number of blocks away
  • Bolt - Calls a bolt of thunder down on the target
  • Charge - Charges towards your target
  • Cleave - Cleaves your target and nearby targets for a percentage of normal damage
  • Confuse - Confuses your target
  • Curse - Your target has a chance to miss their attacks
  • Decay - You disease your target
  • Despair - Blinds nearby targets and deals dark damage
  • Disarm - Disarms the target
  • Disenchant - Allows you to disenchant items, returning them to normal
  • Dispel - Removes effects from your target
  • Empathy - Deals damage equal to a percentage of your missing health, and slows the target
  • Enchant- Passive ability that enables you to enchant items
  • EnchantingBook - Use once to select an enchantment book, use again while holding an item to enchant it
  • Enderpearls- Passive ability that lets you throw enderpearls, time between is delayed while in combat
  • Entangle - Roots target for a certain amount of time, or until they take damage
  • EscapeArtist- Break free of any effects that impede movement
  • Excavate - Increased digging speed for a limited time
  • ExplosiveShot - Attach an explosive to your next arrow, dealing knockback and increased damage
  • Farsight - Creates a zoom effect, but slows you down
  • Firearrow - Shoots a burning arrow
  • Fireball - Shoots a dangerous ball of fire
  • Fishing- Passive ability that grants extra fish
  • Flameshield - Protects you from fire damage for a limited time
  • Forge(ChainBoots/ChainChest/ChainHelmet/ChainLeggings/Shield) - Forges an item
  • FullHeal - Heals target to full, heals you for a percentage of health
  • Gills - Negate drowning damage
  • GroupHeal - Heals all party members nearby
  • GuardianAngel - Grants temporary invulnerability to party members nearby
  • Harmtouch - Deals dark damge to target, and reduces healing
  • Herbalism - Passive ability that lets you harvest extra resources from plants
  • IceArrow- Arrows freeze target
  • IceVolley - Next shot is a volley of ice arrows
  • Icebolt- Launch a ball of ice that deals damage and slowness
  • Inversion - Deals magic damage equal to a percentage of the mana the target is mising
  • Invuln - Grants total damage immunity, but you cannot attack
  • Jump - Launches you into the air
  • Kick - Kick the target, dealing damage, interrupting casting, and silencing them
  • Layhands - Heals the target to full
  • Light- Places glowstone at your feet as you walk
  • ManaFreeze - Stops your target regening mana
  • Mark - Marks a location (for use with Recall)
  • Might - Increases party members damage
  • Mining - Passive ability that allows you to have a small chance to get extra ores
  • One - Temporary burst of speed
  • Overgrowth - turns a sapling into a tree
  • PickPocket - You attempt to steal an item from the target
  • Piggify- Forces target to ride a pig
  • PlaceTnt - Places TNT that may or may not hurt entities, but will destroy blocks
  • Poison - Poisons the target
  • PoisonArrow - Your arrows will poison your targets.
  • Port - Teleports you and your nearby party to the set location
  • Pray - Heals the target
  • Pulse - Damages everyone around you
  • Reborn - Passive ability that restores your health instead of dying
  • Recall - Teleports you to location saved by Mark (or, if you're holding a runestone, the location stored)
  • Regrowth - Heals the target, and heals them additionally over time
  • Repair - Allows you to repair items (with a chance of disenchantment)
  • Revive - Teleports the target to their place of death
  • Root - Roots your target in place
  • Safefall - Stops you from taking fall damage for a short amount of time
  • Scan - Shows the target's health
  • Shield - Passive ability that allows you to use doors as shields
  • Slow - Slows the target
  • Smite - Light damage on target, increased if undead
  • Smoke - You completely disappear from view
  • Sneak - Hides your nameplate and makes you sneak without holding shift
  • SonicBoom - Deals AoE magic damage and silences
  • SummonArrow - Summons a few arrows
  • Summon(Cow,Chicken,Pig,Sheep,MooshroomCow) - Summons the mob with a small chance to summon 2 or 3 of the mob
  • Summonfood - Summons food
  • Superheat - Your pickaxe smelts ores as you mine them for a limited time
  • SuperJump - Launches you high into the air without fall damage
  • Taunt - Taunts enemies around you
  • Telekinesis - Activates levers, buttons, and other interactable objects from afar
  • Web - Creates webs around the target
  • Wisdom - Temporary increased mana regen for party members
  • Wolf - Passive ability that allows you to tame wolves
  • Woodcutting - Passive ability that lets you gain increased drops from logs